Price Match Policy

We take pride in our Price Match Policy. When you book with Faretrolley, our travel agents make sure that they deliver the best-offered price.

To get you the best offer we, at Faretrolley offer Price Match Promise. Under this policy, if any of the major OTAs is offering an all-inclusive price lower than our offer along with all the details as mentioned in our booking i.e., the same itinerary is brought to us within 24-hours of booking, we make sure that we match the quoted. Apart from that, we offer a refund of the difference between the 2 prices and/ or complete cancellation on your booking with a full refund as your options.

What is 'same itinerary' in PMP terms?

When every element of an itinerary matches the booked fare, it is called a 'same itinerary'. The elements of the itinerary include airline, flight number, date, number of travelers and class.

Why bookings under PMP should be 'offered and available'?

Ensure that the itinerary you find on a competitor website, which according to you, beats our offered fare is live and running. It should be available to book and should be verified by our travel executive.

Who do we consider as a 'competitor'?

If you want to get a refund under PMP, we as an OTA consider websites like major websites like,,, and our competitors. The currency in which the fares are displayed on the competitor's site should be the same as that on our website.

How can you notify us that you want to invoke PMP?

If you want to request for a PMP from Faretrolley, you will have to reach out to us on or call us on 1-631-272-1551 and share your Faretrolley reference number with the agent. Along with that, you will have to submit the details of the competing price including itinerary, airline's name, flight timing, date, number of passengers traveling and class.

With this, you will have to provide the URL/ screenshot to enable our customer service representatives the steps of verification for itinerary. Customer service executive should be able to locate the lower fare from the information you provide. We reserve the right to deny the claims if the request is not verified, or for which you're unable to provide complete information. After verification, you will be given the choice to retain your itinerary or get a refund of the difference or cancel your booking and get a full refund.

What are the exceptions which are applicable to PMP?

There are certain fares on which PMP does not apply. These includes membership program, charter, rewards program, corporate discount which also includes a group, incentive, meeting, convention, or fares which are consolidated, any kind of coupon promotions or any promotional offer which is not valid for the general public.

Exclusions: military, student, government, tour operator, bulk, vacation package.
This also means that fare errors are excluded.