How do I place a request for an in-flight meal?

Airlines do not offer free meals and have a fixed charge for an in-flight meal. You get the option to place a request for an in-flight meal directly with the airline. The request for the meal must be placed 24-hours before the departure and these are to be considered as a request only. We, at Faretrolley, hold no responsibility if the airline does not provide you with a meal as it is completely up to their discretion.

While I was making a booking, the offered fare increased. Why did this happen?

The airfares are updated by the airlines every minute and are dynamic depending upon the demand Vs. availability matrix at that particular time. The difference of time between the flight search and booking made by our agents or you can result in selling out of the inventory or the seats. Because of that difference, the flight supplier offers a different inventory/ class to you and the new inventory might be of a higher price. As an agency, we try our best to monitor the updated fares and keep them current.

Are the airfares that I select guaranteed?

Any airfare mentioned by us on our website is dynamic and can change without any prior notice. Up until the time you do not complete the payment and tickets have been issued to you, we cannot guarantee the fare. If there is a technical glitch that pertains, the displayed fare might not be updated. In such a case, we hold the right to tell you about the updated fare within 3 business days. You will have the option to accept or deny the updated fare or cancel your bookings and receive a full refund. Please go through our Terms and Conditions in-depth to know more about the fare details and the cancellation policy.

Will I or your travel agents be able to make changes to the ticket once it has been issued?

Making any kind of changes on the ticket is not permitted. You are advised to verify all the details before making your request to reserve the tickets. it is your sole responsibility that you ensure the mentioned information is accurate and error-free. To do the same, please cross check the details with our agent while they are working on your booking.

Are the listed airline fares inclusive of all the taxes?

As per the New Airline Passenger Protection Rules of the U.S. Department of Transportation, we at Faretrolley make sure that we are advertising airline fares and baggage fees which are inclusive of all taxes and fees. The price linked with these airfares is published including the applicable taxes imposed by the government of the US.

Will I be charged with an additional fee if I make any changes to my airline ticket?

If you have to change the details of your airline ticket, we levy an additional charge for doing the same. When our agent assists you with the process, it is considered as a fresh service and you are required to pay for the same. You can read go through all the details of the price on our website under Taxes & Fees.

For my bookings, do I need an e-ticket or a printed ticket?

When you make a booking, you are notified if you are required to carry an e-ticket or a printed copy. If there is any change in the requirement of the type of ticket, we will notify you within the 24-hours post you make your booking. When you reserve multiple airlines for traveling, we advise that you carry a printed ticket. We will be notifying you regarding this over the email as well.

When do I consider my reservation confirmed?

You are advised by our travel experts to reach out to the airline directly 72-hours before the scheduled departure time. To confirm your reservation, this is a mandatory step and must be repeated for your Return Flights too.

Is it possible that I add a passenger to an already existing ticket booking?

There is no provision to add a passenger to an existing booking. You will have to make a new reservation for a new passenger. Please note, Faretrolley cannot ensure that the new booking will be made at the same price as that of the existing booking. Additionally, there is no guarantee that there will be flight availability that matches the existing booking.

How does the airline deal with my bags in case of change of flights?

If your reservation includes a change of plane or the airline, then the airline will check-in your baggage at all airports according to the baggage agreement. If the agreement does not offer this provision, then it is your responsibility to check with Baggage Claim at every airport if your baggage has been checked till the final destination.

To make a booking, what documents are required?

The requirements of documents to make a booking keep on changing and depend on various factors including the city you are departing from, city of arrival, change of planes and the country of passport issuance.
You are advised to call the airline directly and confirm the requirements to ensure the right set of documents. Make sure that the information received is relevant and up-to-date. Faretrolley holds no liability if you reach the airport with an insufficient set of documents and can be denied the right to board the flight without them.

What kind of trips are offered?

Roundtrip: Flight to destination country and back.
One-way: Flight to the destination only.
Multiple Destinations: Different locations via different flights.

What are the different classes on a flight?

Most of the airlines offer the below-mentioned classes:

Economy class:It is available on all flights and is the least expensive option to travel with the largest and main cabin area.

Business-class: The seats on a business class come with additional space and more legroom with in-flight meal service. Tickets of Business Class are more expensive.

First-class: Placed closest to the aircraft front and with most comfortable seats. First Class gives you access to upgraded meals, shorter check-in line, lounge access. The fares of a First Class are the most expensive.

What are the options for flights available?

Non-stop flights: The flights with no stop or change before the destination city.

No Flights change but a stopover: The flight can have 2 landings but there will no change of planes.

Connecting flights: One or more landings and more than one departure. It requires you to get off the plane and board again.

What documents are required to get through airport security?

To travel domestic: A boarding pass, photo ID (passport or driver license) & a flight itinerary.

For International Travel: A valid passport and a visa to permit for entry depending upon the requirement.

Will I be receiving a confirmation voucher from Faretrolley for my hotel reservations?

When you book a service on Faretrolley, we send across a confirmation email at the earliest and assign your booking a reference ID. With this reference number, you will receive your e-vouchers within 24-48 hours of your booking. The email confirmation is our formal communication informing you that we have received your booking request and will now start to work towards it.

Am I allowed to add additional passengers to a hotel booking that I have already made?

We can add additional guests to your hotel bookings in case of availability. Unlike flights, with hotels, we do have this option given that the booked property has availability. To do the same, we will charge our service fee and the tariff difference. For this, you can reach out to us on 1-631-272-1551. Alternatively, a new reservation on the website also resolved the purpose.

The hotel I booked is now asking for a higher amount than mentioned on my booking confirmation. What should I do?

Certain times the hotel may charge you an additional fee called hotel/ resort fee, and you are required to pay the same at the hotel. In some cities, a government tax is levied that you are required to pay at the time of checkout. Apart from these two charges, usually, hotels honor the rate quoted while making the reservation. To make sure, carry a printout of your reservation as evidence and ask them to rectify the extra charges.

How to cancel my hotel bookings made on Faretrolley?

To cancel your hotel reservation, you need to reach out to the Faretrolley customer care on 1-631-272-1551. Our customer care executives will help you with the entire cancellation process and brief you about the Hotel Cancellation Policy as well as our service fees to process the cancellation request.

My hotel booking was created online. Will I be required to make the payment immediately?

Yes. To confirm your booking, we require your credit/ debit card details. The amount that gets debited from your account includes hotel tariff, our taxes & fees.

What if I face any issues during check-in?

Faretrolley recommends carrying a printout of the email confirmation of your booking. If the hotel is overbooked (that might happen on some occasions) and if you have a confirmed reservation, then the booked property is under an obligation to provide you with another hotel at comparable prices and free private transfers to the new property booked by them. In such a case, please reach out to Faretrolley customer care on 1-631-272-1551.

What is a prepaid hotel reservation?

In case of a prepaid reservation, we charge you at the time of booking. In such a case, we charge the Full Base Amount (room only), and other incidentals like food, parking, cleaning fee, bar phone calls, etc. are paid at the hotel. The offered rates by us are guaranteed only at the time of booking.

I want to reschedule my hotel booking dates. How can I do that?

For any date, type of room, name of booking holder, etc changes, you are required to call our Customer Care at 1-631-272-1551. The changes are at the sole discretion of the hotel and its policies. We can only reach out to the hotel for you and request a change. To process this, we levy a service fee.

Can you confirm my preference for bedding type?

As mentioned on our Booking Confirmation page, all the requests made for your preferences are on first-cum-first-serve basis. Specific preferences like the type of bedding or the non-smoking/ smoking rooms are solely up to the hotel's discretion. Usually, hotels honor the requests, but some might not do so because of unavailability. In such cases, we do not hold a guarantee that your request is confirmed.

Am I allowed to take my pet to the hotel?

Every hotel has a different policy for pets. However, we recommend that it is best to reach out to the hotel and confirm their policy. Also, no hotel allows a pet if they are not informed about it before. We have no control over the hotel's pet policy, and you can read more about it in our Terms and Conditions.

What is the currency in which the hotel tariffs are quoted on Faretrolley?

All the hotel rates on Faretrolley are quoted in US Dollars or Canadian Dollars. Please choose your currency according to your region for all transactions.

I called the hotel, and they do not have my reservation yet. What to do?

Usually, we do not share the guest's name with the hotel 72-hours before the arrival date. However, even then your reservation is safe and confirmed with Faretrolley. Our team confirms the check-in details and the confirmation details reach the hotel 3 days before your arrival date.